The multifunctional complex is used in accordance with the zoning plan – the northern part is used for housing, park, sports use, facilities for small business, the owner’s own villa with a hangar and adjacent apple orchard. The proposed buildings and roads respect the contours of the sloping land. The individual streets front onto a narrow park stretching north to south, linking the proposed parks to the most important existing park, Jakoubek Park. In the northern part an outdoor playground of 42 x 22 m is proposed for small football, basketball and other sports. The site in the central part of the area is used for manufacturing/warehousing and as a commercial and administrative facility. There is also a parking lot for 43 vehicles and 4 wheelchair accessible. In the southern part there are growing areas for strawberries, compost and an existing water source.

Although there was a requirement for hall areas of up to 4400 m2, my aim was to break up this mass and still retain the urban scale of the historic buildings of the village of Víchov – 8 m wide, up to 9 m high, gable roof. The scale to which the inhabitants of Víchov are accustomed. The compactness of the building is important in the design to avoid unnecessary heat leakage and at the same time openness and connectivity with nature. The entrance colonnade welcomes visitors with its direction towards the entrance and towards the important thing – the rows of strawberries that perpendicularly to the building give a module of 1.2 m. In order to harmoniously link the building and the growing area, a structural system was used everywhere in its multiples: 1.2 – 3.6 – 7.2 – 14.4. The gabled roof of the buildings was modified in shape to make optimal use of the north light of the halls with combining maximum use of solar radiation for the photovoltaic panels. The solution of the production part consists of 2 buildings – 1. Representative part with production and storage of europallets and storage 2. Halls for rent. These are elongated blocks that are relative to each other “offset” within the layout, both horizontally and vertically.

The buildings are maximally respect the direction of the contours so as to ensure adequate land management. The design of the entrance area serves to welcome casual visitors and to entertain children and adults. The first thing visitors see from the busy road is not a tacky billboard, but 2 holographic projection screens with of the historical context of strawberry cultivation. The next thing that catches the visitor’s eye are the interesting climbing frames for children. The design of these panels and the design of the walkways also serve to explain the design concept of the whole building. So the entrance and the building form an inseparable harmonious whole. The walking areas alternate with the water areas – a paddling pool with splash pads and a water area that is also a root cleaner. To the south of the entrance is also an adventure miniature golf course, which is a good diversion for visitors of all ages. The owner’s home is a two-story structure. It is situated in sloping terrain on the northernmost and highest point of the area. The owner therefore has an overview of the entire area. It is a 3 volumes that are “biting” into each other. Photovoltaic panels are also proposed on the roof of this building, in order to meet the needs of the investor and the European Green New Deal. All panels will be designed as integrated panels in the roofing quality sheet metal roofing lindap Solar Roof.