The aim of this art installation is to bring visitors closer to the thinking of the Jews. Jewish spiritual thought is based on “the abstractness of an omnipotent, ever-present Creator and Lawgiver” (Josef Plocek). Our installation consists of black ribbons leading through the important streets of the neighborhood, which linearly wrap in different ways – creating an abstract pattern in the overhead view. In a way, the pattern expresses a kind of restlessness, the energy of the inner world of the Jewish man who asymptotically tries to achieve the fulfillment of God’s commandment. The wrapping stripes are, to some extent, a path that takes one out of the Jewish temple – the synagogue – into the concrete world – from the Jewish school to the meat shops, but after a while takes one back into the deep spiritual world. So Jewish thinking is a complex journey where you are driven by a strong inner engine, but sometimes a visit to the gas station – the synagogue – the house of assembly is necessary.

Getting people to stop on the street and interact is not that hard. It’s harder to execute the plan. In this project, I was asked to do an installation at an event to keep the kids entertained at the same time. We stuck 500 meters of tape on the street and the children wrote Jewish texts on it – poems, songs, verses. HAVA NAGILA!